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Testimonials and Product Reviews

CBD Oil Testimonials, Reviews, and Anecdotes

Anecdotal evidence, testimonials, reviews of product and/or results, and general feedback of the products. From the consumer mouth, to the page, for your consideration in making your decision.

Chronic pain and big pharma. A testimonial of reduced opioid (less big pharma) use and more POP (plants over pills). Coming soon!

~KM, United States

Migraines and dogs. The telling tale of a woman whose debilitating migraines are now tempered with her use of CBD oil. Coming soon!

~RR, United States

Migraine. Autoimmune inflammation. Coming soon!

~AP, United States

Migraine, autism, pain relief. Coming soon!

~NG, United States

Pain Relief, Homeostasis. The vet sent me home after being spayed without any pain medication that first day. I spent a miserable first night scared and huddled under the bed with my back to the wall when I got home. I could hardly move, even if I wanted to. I finally crawled out the next morning and every step hurt to take. My human parents gave me a dose of some bacon flavoured CBD Oil (I love this stuff!), and that helped me walk a little easier, by the end of the day, the steps didn’t hurt so much. By the next day I was running like I always do (a little careful). If not for the pain relief the CBD gave me, I may have spent a few more nights under the bed. Did I mention that I love this stuff? I”m always first in line. I’ve been taking it ever since for homeostasis, they say. I say, I am almost healed up and I feel great. It’s almost time to chase squirrels!

~Banshee, Cattle Dog, United States

Arthritis, life-long hitch in step.  I’ve always had a little hitch in my step, at least since I was a kitten. It really wasn’t noticeable to other cats, but sometimes it really put me in a lot of discomfort. It wasn’t until I turned 10 years old, that it caught up with me, and I struggled through every step. I had a couple of pounds to lose and that helped. But what really helped me get a clean gait for the first time ever, was the CBD Oil. I can walk part of the day without limping, now. I’ve always been a really clumsy cat, but I’m climbing more gracefully these days. CBD Oil sure helped me and now I take it daily, even though I don’t like it much.

~Luna, Domestic Shorthair Tabby Cat, United States

Anxiety, stress, home changes. I’ve got to tell you my story and how CBD oil has helped me. A year ago, my humans made me cross the Pacific in an airplane. I got over that. I met a new friend, and that got me over my anxiety of other dogs. (I was attacked when I was just a small puppy). About 6 months later, a puppy showed up. I got over that, too. Then my human parents decided to have a baby. Everything got weird. I wasn’t being ignored, but things changed a little; I was irritable and snarky with the other dogs. I caused a few fights (even though I didn’t bite anyone, we caused a lot of mess and damage, and I got a little banged up). Anyhow, while nothing really changed at home, I was really stressed out. I over-groomed and scratched myself to the point that my bottom half and all 4 legs were nearly bald. You could call me a hot mess. I started getting some tasty bacon flavored CBD oil, which changed my life after about a week. I’m back to normal, playing with my canine friends again, and back to my happy, not depressed self.

~Blueberry, Pitbull Terrier Dog, United States

General well-being. I started taking this because my wife insisted. I’ve got more than a few aches and pains at my wise age. It took a few weeks of daily use before I finally noticed that things didn’t hurt as much. Thank you for helping me out with a dosing schedule that worked! I’m curious to see if it helps my cholesterol when I do my next blood panel, It’s not real high, but it does like to creep up.

~DB, United States

Chronic head pain, children, pets. Coming soon!

~CFB, United States