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What is CBD Oil?

We offer hemp-derived CBD oil. CBD is the common acronym for cannabidiol, a compound specifically found in the resinous flower of the cannabis plant species. The species itself has existed for millennia and is known for its holistic medicinal properties over many cultures and civilizations. Th full spectrum of the plant is considered therapeutic. Strong anecdotal and scientific research evidence is confirmed by studies that it does in fact offer therapeutic properties. While additional studies are able to come forth with the passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill and the removal as a narcotic from the DEA’s list, hemp, and its derivatives’ legality has opened up many more avenues for research to occur.

To explain CBD, we must explain that marijuana (a cousin of hemp) contains larger composition of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), hemp contains only a trace amount. Under federal law, it must be less than 0.3%. THC is the phytocannabinoid that causes the notorious high/stoned/intoxicated (THC is psychoactive or rather, psychotropic), while cannabidiol’s trace amount is insufficient to be considered psychoactive. CBD does not create the “high” that THC offers.

For this reason, it is a pleasing holistic alternative for those who do not want the intoxicating effects of the THC. Additionally, it is also a pleasant *alternative to ‘big pharma,’ also known formally as (the large corporate pharmaceutical companies) and some of the debilitating side effects that prescription medications often leave behind.

*when it is a viable option for the consumer.

The CBD oils we offer are full spectrum, not only do you receive pure CBD oil, you receive pure CBD with not only the cannabidiol, but the trace amount of THC, and the full spectrum phytocannabinoids of the plant. This creates something known as the Entourage Effect.

 The Entourage Effect, to put plainly, is the CBD/THC combination that affects all of the ECS receptors, each in their own way, as opposed to just one or the other. This maximizes the potential of CBD oil on all of your receptors with the full spectrum CBD offering much wider therapeutic range.

As an aside, we also offer a zero THC formulation, which is still a fine choice when necessary, but does not offer quite the same benefits if you’re hoping to reach the same Entourage benefit that the full spectrum CBD oil offers.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of over 84 phytocannabinoids within the cannabis/hemp plant species structure. The plant is harvested and processed via C02 Extraction methods to retrieve the phytocannabinoid compounds. All other methods of extraction (at this time) leave residues of undesirable components, i.e.: solvents, in the CBD extract. The CBD is then mixed with a bit of hemp oil for ease of sublingual consumption. (CBD oil is placed under the tongue for 60-120 seconds for maximum absorption into the body). Efficacy is reduced to a mere estimate of 10% when swallowed as the digestive process begins in the mouth.

The benefits of CBD oil are many; Read here to determine if you think you may benefit from using CBD oil.

CBD interacts with our ECS receptors as part of the Endogenous Cannabinoid System (Endocannabinoid System or simply, ECS), towork more effectively to create balance, especially when an ECS deficiency is present.

All CBD is not created equal. When purchasing CBD oil, be sure that it is a natural golden green colour, contains a natural hint of grassy flavour that is detectable through the drops, and that there are no other ingredients that are not pure CBD (coconut, salmon, MCT, hibiscus, other essential oils, etc). We offer cinnamon and peppermint flavours from cinnamon sticks and peppermint leaves that are natural elements to complement the oil flvour when desired).

Other items to watch for when purchasing CBD oil are that it is USA grown, non-GMO, no pesticides, no heavy metals, no additives, no chemicals, no solvent residue, or even corn syrup, colours or unnatural flavourings should be present. Your CBD oil should be grown in the USA, absolutely all natural and suspended in its own natural oil.

It is desired to avoid CBD isolate, unless it is unavoidable, which only offers cannabidiol without any of the other 84 beneficial phytocannabinoids. While it more inexpensive, the slight reduction is generally not worth losing the beneficial aspects of a full spectrum CBD oil and all that it offers to the body, nor to the bank account as you will generally utilize more of the isolate to achieve a partial desired effect. If you are subject to random drug testing, then the isolate is likely your best option. Sensitivities on drug testing are not standard, some tests will catch it and some won’t. Do not rely on that to make your choice. Isolate is better than the alternatives.

There is a current trend to procure water-based CBD. Unfortunately, water-based formulations remove the efficacy of CBD before it even enters your mouth. Simply put, you’re paying for a watered down CBD dilute that will be less likely to bring about a desired result or even extend the time and expense required to be effective.

Another trend to be watchful for is nanotechnology. The ramifications of this method in formulation are not backed by any scientific evidence. The common understanding is that particles may be so small, that they could eventually end up in places of the body to which they do not belong. Again, nanotechnology in relation to CBD is not yet backed by scientific evidence.

Overall, avoid the big marketing hype. If it isn’t pure and certified, you don’t want it. If the claim is pure, review the documented proof!

In conclusion, documentation (lab reports for gas chromatography, potency, antimicrobial analyses, and certificates of analysis ) for every batch should be readily available for your perusal that reflect information such as gas chromatography, mold/mildew/fungi, heavy metals, residues, or solvents. No trace amounts of any of the aforementioned items to be detected. CBD oil should simply be CBD in a hemp oil suspension and sometimes a hint of natural flavour. Nothing more.

HempWorx CBD oil products and the source hemp farm (our hemp is USA grown) are 2 of the first certified producers of hemp and its derivatives in the nation. Be confident that our products go through extensive lab testing to assure that each of our products is pure, potent, and effective.

“Awardees [HempWorx and GenCanna] have demonstrated their commitment to assuring that consumers have access to safe and accurately labeled hemp-derived products, including fiber, seed and extracts, such as cannabidiol (CBD).” ~U.S. Hemp Authority

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