Image of bathbomb box with bathbombs in various colours. Femalee drying off after a lucurious bath (covered by towel with bare shoulder.

CBD Oil Bath & Body

The New HempWorx Bath Box contains 4 luxurious bath bombs infused with 10mg of CBD and 100mg of pure hemp oil. Bathe in the lap of relaxation and comfort while soothing your body. The best part? No bathtub residue and no cleanup!

Our bath bombs come in set of 4 divine scents: Lavender to calm and soothe, Lemongrass to balance and uplift, Citrus to cleanse and refine, and Sea Salt to cleanse and refine. The hand selected bath bombs give you the opportunity to choose a decadent bath according to your mood and physical state.

The perfect gift for that perfect someone! Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, weddings… any occasion or simply just because!

Order my HempWorx Bath Boxes

Order my HempWorx Bath Boxes