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    Can I Use CBD Oil on my Pets?

    Absolutely! Dogs, cats, and even horses. Their endocannabinoid systems work the same way.  Healthy pets enjoy the homeostasis that CBD can bring, while pets who are elderly and/or in lesser states of health can achieve relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and nearly all of the similar issues their human counterparts, face. A formulation specifically for animals along with CBD infused dog treats, are available to aid in the administration of the CBD to our furry friends.

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    Is CBD Oil Legal?

    Yes. Yes, it is. Let’s be perfectly transparent, here… No. No, it’s not–at least not everywhere. The answer truly depends on your state, jurisdiction, locality and their laws. However, the great news is that the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill makes CBD federally legal. CBD is also legal to ship to all 50 states through the USPS. However, there are still many states with laws that require updating, or laws that have to be written or adjusted to reflect the hard-won legality for cannabidiol under federal law… and that may take some time. Use due diligence. Our hemp-based CBD offerings comply fully with federal law.

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    Benefits of CBD Oil

    The list has been removed due to a complainant’s inability to read and comprehend “anecdotal”. No claims were made or inferred as the original text states. In keeping with compliance policies, it was a necessary evil; we whole-heartedly apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to do additional searches on the Internet for peer-reviewed studies on your issue and CBD. The benefits of CBD are many: an overwhelming amount of anecdotal (personal experience) evidence exists to support the following (non-all inclusive) list. Scientific studies (scholarly, peer-reviewed research) that have been completed on the use of CBD as a viable option, *tend to support the anecdotal claims of support and relief…

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    What is CBD Oil?

    We offer hemp-derived CBD oil. CBD is the common acronym for cannabidiol, a compound specifically found in the resinous flower of the cannabis plant species. The species itself has existed for millennia and is known for its holistic medicinal properties over many cultures and civilizations. Th full spectrum of the plant is considered therapeutic. Strong anecdotal and scientific research evidence is confirmed by studies that it does in fact offer therapeutic properties. While additional studies are able to come forth with the passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill and the removal as a narcotic from the DEA’s list, hemp, and its derivatives’ legality has opened up many more avenues…