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Benefits of CBD Oil

The list has been removed due to a complainant’s inability to read and comprehend “anecdotal”. No claims were made or inferred as the original text states. In keeping with compliance policies, it was a necessary evil; we whole-heartedly apologize for the inconvenience. Please feel free to do additional searches on the Internet for peer-reviewed studies on your issue and CBD.

The benefits of CBD are many: an overwhelming amount of anecdotal (personal experience) evidence exists to support the following (non-all inclusive) list. Scientific studies (scholarly, peer-reviewed research) that have been completed on the use of CBD as a viable option, *tend to support the anecdotal claims of support and relief for symptoms of the non-exhaustive list of ailments, diseases, disorders, and general aches and pains and well-being, to name a few.

*the legality of the once over-classified hemp plant has hampered research, but with the renewal of the 2018 Farm Bill and supporting state legislation following, expect much more research in the near future. However, many studies are available to read and review. The databases are searchable at the noted locations.

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